One thought on “Music

  1. I think its awesome to see Antonio’s passion,the life he gives to the music, and in turn the way in which the music gives life to him. When he was talking about his childhood listening to music rather than just reading it made me think about the difference experience and feeling brings to words, or in this case, notes. I was thinking about the ways what he said parallels with faith- the peace music brings and the array of emotions it encompasses. Music seems to be a form of prayer in that sense, that its able to say what perhaps cannot be said with words but can be felt in the Spirit. When I think of the word animate I tend to think of Pixar so I found the definition in the beginning of the video helpful and inspiring. I liked that it mentioned giving spirit and support too because I see that as passion paired with guidance. Those two need to go hand in hand in my mind. It also reminded me of creation.
    Antonio made the wonderful comment about taking what has touched you and using it/allowing it to touch others.In the Animate videos I’ve seen so far there seems to be a common theme of serving others.
    Finally, on a personal note, my standard for music tends to be that it fulfills the lyrics from Hank William Jr.’s song “The Ride”
    ” “Drifter can you make folks cry when you play and sing,
    Have you paid your dues, can you moan the blues,
    Can you bend them guitar strings?
    He said “Boy can you make folks feel what you feel inside,”

    The last line in particular…..can you make folks feel what you feel inside.

    Thanks for sharing your passion Antonio!

    Laura Bardin

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